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About Pain Management

The specialty of pain medicine has evolved and grown since the early 2000s. Pain management specialists are trained to evaluate, diagnose, and treat patients suffering from chronic pain due to illnesses, injuries, or cancer. Pain can be both a symptom of a disease or a primary disorder itself. Therefore, a combination approach including medications, exercises, physical therapy, psychological therapy, and minimally invasive interventional pain procedures may be necessary to rehabilitate and restore quality of life for a pain sufferer.

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Dr Ho Kok Yuen

MBBS, MMed (Anaes), FAMS (Anaes), GDSM (Sports Med)

Specialist, Pain Management & Anaesthesiology

Dr Ho Kok Yuen is a key opinion leader in pain management and anaesthesia and sits on numerous advisory boards. He has published extensively in peer-reviewed journals, clinical practice and consensus guidelines, as well as book chapters on pain and anaesthesia. Dr Ho Kok Yuen has delivered more than 200 lectures at regional and international conferences. Dr Ho Kok Yuen frequently serves as an instructor at interventional pain cadaver workshops, having trained hundreds of doctors in Southeast Asia, South Korea, Taiwan, Australia and the Middle East.

Pain Conditions

What to Expect

We will carry out a thorough examination to better understand your pain condition. If needed, blood tests, X-rays, CT or MRI scans will be arranged to further evaluate and confirm the diagnosis. Please bring along all previous blood test and scan reports that you may have.

We will then discuss the various treatment options and design a treatment plan for you. The plan may involve pain medications, physiotherapy and advice on exercises, workplace ergonomics and posture.

We will track your progress by monitoring your reduction in pain, improvements in physical function and sleep.

If your pain control remains suboptimal, we may recommend a minimally invasive procedure to treat your pain. This may include the use of shockwave therapy, nerve block, steroid injection, radiofrequency ablation, drug pumps or neuromodulation.

How we can help

Addressing your pain concerns with
minimally invasive therapy


Our clinic is under the following insurance panels

We work with various insurance partners to assist with your hospitalisation and surgery claims. In some instances, pre-approval from your insurer allows direct billing between the hospital and insurer so that you will have peace of mind during your treatment. We are MOH-accredited so you may also utilise Medisave for your hospitalisation expenses.


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